Top physicians across the Valley were recently featured in the May issue of Health Care Quarterly Magazine and Vegas Inc.’s Top Doctors list according to specialty. Matthew Selleck, DO, FACS, FSSO, board-certified in complex surgical oncology was recently highlighted for his positive impact to the Las Vegas medical community.

The physicians in each category have made exceptional contributions to the communities they serve, their unwavering dedication, clinical expertise and compassionate patient care have set them apart as true leaders in their respective specialties. Highly regarded by their peers as experts in the field, these physicians including Dr. Selleck were nominated and voted on by physicians in the community.

Dr. Selleck performs surgeries and cares for patients in the hospital and outpatient setting, is part of HCA Healthcare and has a practice located on the campus of MountainView Hospital. He is also an active member of the medical staff at MountainView and currently accepting new patients.